9 Kickstarter Hit Products You Can Now Buy Online

9 Kickstarter Hit Products You Can Now Buy Online


For all the projects that flop on Kickstarter — and there a lot — there are many that become breakout crowdfunded hits. But with so many smashing success stories, like the Ouya video game console or the Pebble smart watch, some products fall below the radar when they enter the mainstream marketplace.

Outgrow.me is a new site that compiles crowdfunding winners from the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo and showcases where the products can be puchased or pre-ordered online. A look through the main page shows just how diverse the products that graduate from these sites are. There are mustache tie-clips, balloon-mapping kits and an almost overwhelming amount of iPhone and iPad accessories. Good thing there’s a section titled “Everything but Apple accessories.”

Culling through our own coverage of Kickstarter projects and Outgrow’s selection, here are nine cool products launched through Kickstarter that you can now buy online.


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