Another Royal Wedding?

Another Royal Wedding?

An estimated one in three people around the world tuned in to watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton, and as a hearts melted and tears of joy flowed, a new and somewhat unexpected star was born.

Maid Of Honor and sister to the Bride, Philippa (Pippa) Middleton, stunned the crowd and some would say stole the show in her stunning, slinky, white, cowl-neck Alexander McQueen satin gown.

Her beauty radiated and after having earned herself the new title ‘Her Royal Hotness’ in the British Media, Pippa has quickly become the world’s most eligible woman.

So who will the lucky boy be? Well, if the Royal Wedding was anything to go by, she may well be about to bag herself a Prince of her own!

The world was not only stunned by the wedding, but by the extremely flirtatious dynamics between the Bride and Groom’s respective siblings. With whispered comments, smiles, laughter and arm-in-arm familiarity, Prince Harry and Philippa Middleton really seemed to be hitting it off spectacularly (so to speak).

Men around the world couldn’t help but comment on how gorgeous she was on the day, their wives and girlfriends also eyeing up the Royal prospects – Prince Harry. It seems they could be the perfect couple – good looks, a shared sense of humor and the common denominator – their siblings.

So, is another Royal Wedding on the cards? Well it would certainly be exciting! Imagine, what a wonderful addition these sisters could make to the Royal family!

Sadly though, it seems Pippa may have other, equally handsome prospects. With magazines reporting her blossoming romance with ex-cricketer and eligible banker Alex Loudon. In fact, he was her date for the Big Day, and they’ve been spotted out and about together since. Almost equally as upper-class as the Royals, Mr Loudon was President of an elite society called Pop at Eton – the school he attended before enrolling at college in Durham, one of the most prestigious Universities in England. With a financier for a father and a career as a banker himself, Pippa certainly has a good pick of wealthy men to choose between!

Personally though we’re rooting for Harry – after all, it’s one thing to be rich, it’s another thing altogether to become a real life Princess. Maybe it’s the romantic in us, but a fairy-tale the likes of Disney really does make us smile – and who knows, we might even get another bank holiday that way too!