Apple Denied Security Breach Allegations

Apple Denied Security Breach Allegations


The creator of iPhone, Apple has denied allegations that the smart phone is keeping logs of its user’s whereabouts. Alarmingly the claim my online security researchers says that they are able to obtain logs of iPhone user up to a year time. The response has been made to answer claims that iPhone is using iPhones user’s location for marketing purposes. But the big question is still there, if they could get so much information from its users what other information could they have? Are we sharing too much information that could mean a treat to our security?
Questions are still unanswered despite the fact Apple has already released statements regarding the issue. As a fix Iphone will soon release new software that will fix the problem. The software will cut down the size and shorten the time logs stored in selected smart phone in reference to its wireless hotspot location. This will be out by next week.

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