Arizona Budget Plan Targets Health Care, Education

Arizona Budget Plan Targets Health Care, Education


There will be a bulk of savings that makeup a compromise budget balancing plan by the Republican due to the cuts in the health care and education. It will provide deeper spending cuts to the school and higher education funding which is proposed by the Gov. Jan Brewer but it has to be approved by the senate. Jan Brewer said that it will be successful and the outcome was a compromise but still a positive one. The main spending bill in the 13 bill package was approved by the House Appropriation committee on 9-3 vote along party lines. The full house will act on the package but it was not clear. To complete the legislative action the house passage will send it to the senate. The budget plan was approved earlier this month by the senate which was lead by the republican. Adams and Brewer said that the negotiations have been continued to the final settlement of the plan. An analysis was released by the budget staff of the legislature which listed that roughly 400 million dollars were cut more than January budget proposal of Brewer and more than 1.1 billion dollars in spending cuts in the new plan and 200 million dollars less than the senate version.
The spending for the next financial year is estimated as 8.3 billion dollars and for the current year it is 8.5 billion dollars. Brewer proposed it to be 8.9 billion dollars and it is more than the approval amount by the senate that is 8.1 billion dollars. The other steps and cuts will be close to the shortfall of nearly 1.5 billion dollars and the shortfall amount will include the left over from the current financial year that 332 million dollars. The state needs to enter its 4th financial year in crisis because of the recession which hammered in general and also of the collapse of the housing industry. 450 million dollars which is an approximate education cuts listed by the legislative budget staff and it will be spread among the K-12 schools, universities and community colleges. This reduction is 130 million dollar more than the proposed amount by Brewer in the month of January and it is approximately 100 million dollars below the cut approved by the Senate. Brewer and her staff said that the education cuts were 50 million dollars lower than approved amount by the budget staff. Brewer said that she was struggling to protect the K-12 education funding.

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