Britain receives the new Royal Couple

Britain receives the new Royal Couple


Broadcasted around the world, the people was awed when Kate Middleton walk the isle to marry Prince William. Right after the big event dubbed as the “royal wedding of the century” the newlywed British monarchs rode an open carriage to Buckingham Palace while their subjects cheered and applauded them with glee. At the historic balcony of Buckingham Palace Kate and William exchange kisses then the moment was highlighted with soaring vintage and new Royal Air force Planes.

The long anticipated secret of the day is the bride’s gown. This heavenly looking design is by Sarah Burton. It comes out to be ivory and white satin gown with falling neckline, her hair is seated half down and half up with a tiara from Queen Elizabeth II. A perfect real life fantasy story has been witnessed by the world. But reality is set the new couple will have to face the world of marriage. William 28 and Kate 29 will be challenge by all things that common and royalty married couple faces.

This ceremonies will be followed by hundreds of street parties as Brits celebrates this one of a kind event highlighting their very own heritage. Foreigners and admirers from around the world will flock to party too. This is to parade British fascination to royalties, as a symbol of power, and unity among its people.


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