Burglary Victim Watches Thief On Camera, Calls Cops

Burglary Victim Watches Thief On Camera, Calls Cops


Modern technology proved too much for an alleged serial burgla

r on Long Island.

Mark McLloyd, 26, of Seaford, was arrested Monday in the backyard of a home he had just burglarized, according to Nassau County police.

Moments before, police said, the owner of that home watched the burglary in progress from his office via a home security camera linked to his computer.

That homeowner immediately called police and officers moved in quickly to make the arrest.

“It was quite lucky because he was probably in the house three minutes,” said Nassau Police Detective Lt. Greg Abruzzo. “He was quite surprised we rolled up so quick.”

The homeowner had been alerted by his wife, who, while checking the cameras earlier, noticed a mysterious plastic grocery bag on the couch.

McLloyd used that bag to carry jewelry and other possessions from the home, police said. He had items taken from two houses when he was arrested.

McLloyd is now charged with four burglaries, and after pleading not guilty in district court in Hempstead, was ordered held on $600,000 bail.

Remote home security systems are growing in popularity, said Alan Cooper, the president of Merrick’s APS Security.

The systems are almost like standard equipment in many homes, Cooper explained.

“People want control. They want control of their environment and their possessions and they’ll do whatever is necessary. This media of being able to view cameras remotely is letting people be proactive rather than reactive,” he said.

The cameras range in price from $500 for a do-it-yourself system to at least $1,500 for a professionally installed one. Connecting the cameras to computers or hand-held devices, Cooper said, is quick and easy.

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