Civil rights violations at College level- An alarming report

Civil rights violations at College level- An alarming report


A former student of Jackson Community College had filled a suit against the school in a federal court in Detroit for charge of Violation of Civil rights.He said that when he was arrested he was forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation and banned for complaining about the noose which was left in his desk.

Michael Oliver, a former student of Jackson Community College was humiliated to the core when he found a noose on his table during a knot tying lesson in theater lighting class.  He was facing hell literally, as he had been subjected to repeated racial harassment by a professor and the students of his former college just because he was the only black student in the class.

On the other hand, it is firmly stated by the local news agencies that the spokeswoman of the Jackson Community college has very clearly uttered that the school disagrees with the claims by Oliver and will let the court system deal with the dispute. Jennifer Salvatore, Oliver’s lawyer explains that this was a social injustice and the people of the country should join hands against this. She also stated that the court will provide the correct solution to this.

Jennifer Salvatore is specialized in civil rights cases and she said that when she met with Michael first she experienced the same feeling that of Martin Luther King’s.  She stated that this case will be declared in favor of Michael Oliver and make the great Martin Luther King’s dream come true. Michael had been portrayed as a potential threat because he is an African American.

Cindy Allen who is the spokeswoman of the college where the problem started said that everything involving Mr. Oliver was investigated internally in the college.  There was a difference of opinion about what had actually happened in the class room and the context. Allen also found uttering that the class which Oliver was handling was a theater class and tying different kinds of knots is a part of the curriculum. The lawsuit said that the class in which the rope tying excercise was taught by Michael Coy and Oliver was racially harassed numerous times before by the same class.  It also said that Oliver returned from the bathroom to find the rope tied in a noose and lay across his desk.

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