Coach Mike Leach started Tweeting after 2009 Ban

Coach Mike Leach started Tweeting after 2009 Ban


Finally this moth former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach has opened and started tweeting. This is after he banned his players from tweeting last 2009 season calling the website as distraction. His very first tweet said:  “So I only get 140 characters on this thing?…That’s it?! This is going to be tough. Hello Twitter world.” That year too he was kick out of the team upon heated allegation of mistreating one of his boys. Now he is looking forward to coaching again on the right place and the right time according to his tweet. You can follow him on (at) Coach_Leach.

He added that setting up the account keep on coming up. We could remember Mr. Leach on his show at Sirius satellite radio channel CBS. He is also to launch a book in the coming summer. “I’m still not fully comfortable with it,” the Coach added.


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