Coping with college tuition increases

Coping with college tuition increases


Nearly around three public universities in Arizona are proposing the hike of the tuition fees to 15 % for next year approximately and it is being expected that there will be an increase in the tuition fees for the college students due the state budget cuts.  The Arizona board of Regents has received the recommendation and it plans the hearing about the proposed hikes soon. Most of the families are wandering that whether they can afford to send their children to the state colleges.  They have to plan the budget first which is to be suitable for every one.  On the other hand, they should also need to plan how to cut other expenses to make some savings which can be used to meet the education needs.  The boarding expenses for the students who join the college occupy some major part of the budget and they must be able to find economic boarding. It is better for them to find out a room for rent which is near the campus and it will help to reduce the boarding cost by half.  It is better for you to take up a car so that they can reduce the maintenance and insurance cost which will in turn make your budget be safe.

The books cost more for the college students and it occupies the major part of the budget, they can go for second hand books which is available online.  They can go for use some second hand furniture to set their room in the college and they can share the cost with their roommates.  The students can apply for the financial aid by filling the FAFSA application in the site  They can ask for some additional financial aid by writing a simple letter to the Financial Aid office.  They must state the reason why they are in need of the addition aid in that letter.  There will be separate funds for scholarships in some individual colleges within a university and there will be work sturdy programs also. Like the tuition fees issue people also facing the problem the tax and the complications in it.  The recent tax law has changed the possible tax deduction which was overlooked by the taxpayers.  They have to search for the possible deductions to computer the current taxes.  The new college graduates or individuals who are moving to take a new job have the possibility to reduce the taxes for their first year. But the only requirement is they have to move more than 50 miles from their current residence.

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