DipJar Would Have The Tip Jar Go Electronic

DipJar Would Have The Tip Jar Go Electronic


For cashless (or skimpy) tippers, there may soon be no excuse. A new electronic tip jar, dubbed the DipJar, accepts credit and debit cards to better allow consumers to show their gratitude for good service. (Hat tip: Eater.)

The DipJar is the brainchild of NYC techie Ryder Kessler, who was inspired after seeing local baristas go tipless after a frenzied — and mostly cashless crowd — came through their coffee shop. That scene is not uncommon: As more Americans rely on credit cards for everything from gas to food, the amount of cash people tend to keep on hand is in decline.

One swipe of a card into the DipJar will leave a $1 tip, with each subsequent swipe adding another dollar. Kessler said during the product’s pilot period, the company will cover any fees and pass along the full $1 tip from each dip. But, “eventually, we will have to deduct credit card processing fees and charge a small fee to help cover the cost of the system,” he said.

DipJar is the latest implementation of tech with credit payments, with Square’s notable growth and partnership with Starbucks signaling a demand for mobile payment systems. Right now DipJar is testing at a few premier locations, including Oren’s Daily Roast coffee shop in Manhattan.

The tech-savvy tip jar could share space among the witty, colorful tip jars popping up at establishments everywhere. After all, tipping, with credit or cash, is much better than ending up publicly shamed in the Lousy Tipper Database.


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