Efforts Are Being Made to Help Thousands of Tornado Victims

Efforts Are Being Made to Help Thousands of Tornado Victims


President Barack Obama has visited the remains of a deadly tornado at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He was meet by scattered debris of what is left from the decade most deadliest tornado’s that hits the south. The city’s Mayor Walter Maddox who is equally devastated and could not believed how his people have survived.  At least some 200 plus lives has been wasted from this area alone. And more could have been victimized if not a 24 minute warning has not been given by storm predicting centers.

While the whole America is mourns the loss efforts are being made to help the victims. If you want to help you can get in touch with the following institutions.

  • American Red Cross – had set up temporary shelters for the homeless and providing them with their daily needs.
  • Samaritan’s Purse – giving out relief goods and other help in Alabama and N. Carolina area.
  • Salvation Army – providing feeding units to every homeless and devastated area.
  • AmeriCares – coordinating with NCCHC in assessments of people needs and provide mobility for relief goods.
  • Direct Relief International – helping emergency clinics and health care facilities who has been affected or has been evacuated to get back into operations.


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