Ex-Berkshire exec Sokol: I did nothing wrong

Ex-Berkshire exec Sokol: I did nothing wrong


David Sokol who is the former Berkshire Hathaway came out of silence after his resignation few days ago and stated that he did not buy shares for himself from a chemical company as it widely spoken. David was the successor to Warren Buffet in the Berkshire Hathaway, and this was known to everyone. But this action of David has made and paved way for doubts and has made to raise the eyebrows of many who are watching and monitoring closely the functions of Warren Buffet and his well reputed company. The eighty year old Warren Buffet was heard saying that he did not expect this to happen or take place. He also stated that David was telling him that he wants to pursue a family business on his own, and for which he might have taken this step. Warren Buffet who is known for his transparency in all the official matters of the business is expected to resolve this problem and answer the question raised from these complications. It is being said and done that this scenario has been created by David without any disclosures. Lots of business magnets feel that there might certainly be some complications in the internal affairs of the company which might have not come in to the lime light. According to news agencies some utter that the resignation of Buffet’s heir has got series of complications to be solved and chaos and confusions to be looked upon. Soon after this the shares of the company fell down by three percent which made the investors to have a bad impression about the proceedings of the company the future of it. In a fitting reply Buffet was found uttering that David has bought some shares long back in the month of December and sold it to buy new shares again. Now this action of David Sokol has made the government to look in to the matter and investigate it to the core. Warren Buffet added that David Sokol’s resignation has surprised him by all means and stated he did not expect David to act in this manner. Buffet has admitted in a very recent interview to the local television saying that he was not the person behind Sokol’s resignation and went on further to utter that he did not fire him and has nothing to do with his quitting from the company.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at Tambapress.com and Regular Contributor to Presspresser.com

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