Facebook to enter a joint venture with media outfits

Facebook to enter a joint venture with media outfits


By: Sirena Harris | Senior Editor at Tambapress.com and Regular Contributor to Presspresser.com

Facebook has been recently implementing key actions in order to guarantee that additional real news will be included in its News Feeds. Being a leader in social media, the company announced that it will get the services of Vadim Lavrusik to promote rapport with the correspondents along with various media associations. The responsibilities of Lavrusik include assistance in managing media-related affairs and creation of campaigns on utilization of Facebook as a promotional online instrument as well as for bringing news publicly.

The primary event to be organized by Lavrusik will happen in April this year located at the main office of Facebook in Palo Alto, California. While he assumes the role in Facebook as its journalist program manager in New York this coming April 25, Lavrusik has left Mashable which is a content affiliate of CNN.com. He was previously a community manager of the technology news firm online. He is even tasked to do administrative works in the currently created page, “Journalists on Facebook”.

The total number of users of Facebook is believed to be greater than 500 million. It is an online tool for everyone in the world in getting constant communication with their loves ones as well as friends. Nevertheless, this website was seen to be behind its top social media contenders such as Twitter along with Tumblr when it comes to the feeding of news by journalists.

According to Lavrusik, many reporters have not created their accounts in Facebook because they thought that it will be a burden for them to have one. But in reality, it will get their duties lighter.

The Belarus-based Lavrusik, was discovered by the Facebook senior officers with the posts in his blog regarding his message that this leading social media site can be used in delivering news. He also emphasized that it can be utilized as a resource site for correspondents for their contacts.

Furthermore, Lavrusik stated that Facebook aims to establish systems which will connect the space between reporters and them since Twitter is mostly used by media men for being user friendly in delivering news.

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