Gaddafi’s son Dead by NATO Missile Strike

Gaddafi’s son Dead by NATO Missile Strike


A few hours after Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi has called for ceases fire and negotiations, NATO mounted a missile strike at Tripolli. The assault resulted in killing Gaddafi’s youngest son Seif Al-Arab, 29, including 3 grandchildren under the age of 12. Libyan government spokesman said that the Libyan leader was at the house of his son when missile hit them. The Libyan leader and his wife were unharmed and has escape. According to his account the whole family were present including nieces, Seif Al-Arab was an innocent victim and had not committed any crime. Seif Al Arab spent most of his time studying in Germany but unable to finish his education. White House declined to give a comment on the situation and directed all inquiries to NATO. NATO said that it will release statements soon but did not specify when. NATO forces stressed that the attack was not to assassinate Gaddafi’s, they were targeting all Libyan forces headquarters.

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