Gisele’s H&M Ads Digitally Altered for Dubai

Gisele’s H&M Ads Digitally Altered for Dubai


Ooh! Ooh! A new airbrushing scandal: Gisele’s bare skin has been judged too scandalous for H&M’s Dubai market of modest dressers. The retail giant digitally covered up the Brazilian-born, sun-kissed supermodel’s shoulders and cleavage in order to reflect the Middle Eastern city’s traditional dress code; touch-ups include a short-sleeved T-shirt photoshopped underneath a white halter (as shown in the photo to the left), and white tank tops added to de-sexify a low-cut dress and jumpsuit.

A rep for H&M did not immediately return our request for comment on the conservative alterations.

We could cry “censorship!” but it makes sense. H&M does big global business, and obviously, part of said big global business requires catering to clients’ cultural modes and ways of living.

That said, it’s always unsettling to see Gisele’s sexy toned down in any ad, ever.

Gisele before the additions. Courtesy H&M Gisele with a few changes. Courtesy H&M

Update: An H&M spokeswoman tells The Famous the company has “chosen to digitally add additional items to our campaign images.” She notes the brand typically alters ads for its Middle Eastern market, which is “stricter” about what can and can’t be displayed. Even if Gisele is involved.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

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