Google takes in Facebook with latest social tweak

Google takes in Facebook with latest social tweak


The latest attempt by the Google Inc is to save off rival Facebook Inc while trying to jump onboard a social networking boom by allowing the users to personally endorse web pages and search results. Google now let the people to recommend specific search result to their contact and friends by click on the “+1” button which is start to appear alongside of the Google Search results for select users.  It is being expected that this feature will influence the ranking search result and now the results are ranked through a closely guarded algorithm. The world best leader of the internet search is now working hard to maintain its share of the time and attention of the web surfers because it is getting taken up increasingly by some social networks like twitter and facebook.   It needs to struggle more to stand well in this blooming market. The last attempt by Google to create a social network Buzz doesn’t work positively. There were some complaints about the handling of the user privacy cast by the Buzz and makes fade of the product. Google announced that it had reached a settlement with regulators under the agreement to independent audits for every 2 years.

The aim of Google is to counter the one of the most popular feature of Facebook with the new +1 buttons. Through this the Facebook has created personalized recommendation system which could challenge the traditional ranking algorithm which is used by the search engines to find online information and it is the belief of some analyst.  The key role which is maintained by the Google over is to provide the main gateway to information over the internet and through this it has generated around 29 billion dollars in revenue for the last year that is through search ads alone. Facebook has taken a big portion of advertising dollars while google remains the advertising and search leader.  Google announced that the +1 recommendations buttons will be there in the paid ads which are displayed alongside of the search results. An Executive from Google told that the Google found that including the recommendations it is boosting the rates at which people click on the ads and it is a result its internal tests.  The company said that Google has planned to let third party website to have +1 buttons directly on their own web pages.

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