In 2 Years, China Will Surpass the US in Science Research

In 2 Years, China Will Surpass the US in Science Research


Education can be well used and can be regarded as the mother of inventions and truth. It plays a vital part in the human community. It is the education that provides knowledge and power irrespective of any territorial conditions and bondages. In a recent survey which was conducted all across the country very clearly stated that two years from now china will overtake the U.S in the field of science and research. Based on the papers that have been published in the field of science and research, this survey has been taken. According to the sources which states that china is behind the U.S leaving the rest of the competitors behind it. And if this same pace continues from china, then there is no doubt that the country will surpass the U.S in the field of the most number of paper presentations that is being carried out in science and research. The sources add more that this is based on various circumstances that are happening in and around the country of china. Over there the students who belong to both colleges and universities depict that they are given a lot of exercise in whichever subject they prefer. And this ultimately creates a kind of think which is both innovative and vibrant. It is very much clearly told to the educationalists to throw away the old methods of educating the students as they are no longer in use and as they are no longer effective. It is very well said and done that the people have welcomed this approach in a large number. They feel that this kind of attitude is very much needed in every educationalist. One should know to include and give importance to opportunity and hope through education at all times and without fail and without any complications. If this is being implemented in every nuke and corner of the country then we can see our country holding its head high in the years to come and shine in all flying colors. If china proceeds in this manner and march forward then nothing can stop it from becoming the world number one in the field of science and research. One the other hand, except few all the other teachers are making it sure that the education is taught with high amount of innovative thinking and rational knowledge.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

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