Internet operators asked to structurally separate Internet networks

Internet operators asked to structurally separate Internet networks


The European Association for Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA), representing the Internet operators, today asked the European Commission and the regulators to separate structurally the new Internet networks to promote competition. The ECTA today hosted a meeting between European Commission officials, financial managers and operational alternative telecommunications companies and major banks to exchange views on the conditions necessary to build new Internet networks. The association stressed in a statement that both the Commission and regulators “should focus on running the work of the deployment of fiber optics and avoid political agreements with key companies.”

According to ECTA, a “utility model” which talks about “one fiber” “open competition” would be the best way to “contain costs and avoid the risks of investment” in the current type of infrastructure. It described the participation of incumbents in any strategy for deployment of fiber optics as “essential” and at the same time it warned that they will be ready to consider any decision in case they have insufficient financial incentives to invest.

“It’s time to get them (the customers) to stop forever relying on the networks they inherited from the days when you were in the hands of public authorities,” said the chairman of ECTA, Tom Ruhan, adding that the Commission should make clear that customer satisfaction be given priority. On the other hand, the alternative companies stated that, once a fiber network it is deployed open, customers should be transferred to it as soon as possible to limit the cost and to ensure immediate benefits to consumers of additional capacity through the available fiber .On the other hand, Ruhan stressed that the alternative have the opportunity to develop new models open in the fiber networks that are managed separately from retail broadband services.However, he warned that “to change the business model, regulators should use all tools at their disposal and resist the temptation to make political agreements with the incumbents in return for empty promises about investment in fiber.”ECTA is an organization that oversees regulatory and commercial interests of alternative telecom operators, Internet service providers and suppliers of products and services of the communications industry.

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