Jacob Tucker earns dunk contest invite

Jacob Tucker earns dunk contest invite


Jacob tucker a 5-foot-11 got the place to be a part of the dunk competition nearly after a terrible and a long month of audition. He is reported to be working hard on this to secure a place in the team. On the other hand, there was a poll which was conducted in the face book among the college students. And from this emerged Jacob tucker with a great amount of votes falling on his shoulders. His video which consisted of his practices to the core regarding the game played a very huge role in this victory of his. None can deny the fact that the video of his touched the minds and hearts of millions of people watching it. Tucker was witnessed saying that he felt extraordinarily happy about the selection process and felt humbled in the trust that the people had on him. He also added that he felt humbled on the responsibilities that were entrusted on his shoulders by his diehard fans. In that video of Jacob Tucker, he was found dunking and jumping over his team mates, and he dunks the ball at various situations which are quite not natural. This video has created a lot of sensational among the college which in turn paved the way for Jacob to get selected to the game. On the other hand, Tucker has got a variety of aims and objective to be accomplished according to sources. During a personal interview by the local television channel very recently, he was found saying that the aims he has are many. He added that getting selected for the dunk competition was alone not his aim, rather beating and winning every move of Pittsburgh’s Gilbert Brown and other players from various teams too. None can deny the fact that the kind of enthusiasm and vibration which is exposed from Tucker will surly fetch him victory and laurels in his game. He humbles himself, when he is reminded of the victory in the audition by saying that to get 88% of votes is not an easy nut to crack. And adds that he is very much thankful to the fans and students who have showed a great amount of trust and respect towards him during his tenure of election. He finally states that he is going to accomplish much number of dunks in the upcoming matches and carry the fame forward.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at Tambapress.com and Regular Contributor to Presspresser.com

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