James Franco declares ‘social media is over,’ shuts down his Twitter account

James Franco declares ‘social media is over,’ shuts down his Twitter account


Twitter which is very much known for creating a platform for the people to express their views and ideas on various things, had a slight rub with the multi faceted James Franco as he posted some controversial and complicated issues on the twitter account. James Franco who is known for his versatility role as a director, actor, writer, artist and a would be New York University professor. He has earned fame and his name had been popular throughout the country for various things and issues. It is said and done that the thirty two year old actor, had tweeted about having an experience in a film shootout when he was surrounded by a naked woman. In addition to the post of his, he added a photo of that scene too. As this was tweeted by him a couple of days ago, mixed of reactions emerged from various sections of people all across the globe. This made his post as a controversial one. Many tweeted on this issue with their own perspectives. As this was going on, the kind of atmosphere made him to feel frustrated and worried about the present scenario which was not positive. So he decided himself to quit from twitter and close his account without any delay in the process of quitting. Secret sources have witnessed James Franco uttering that he joined twitter to express his views on life and his profession without any limitations. But now when some boundaries are laid, it is hard for me to entertain myself in this account. He very clearly added that the companies that he works for has warned him of his actions and told that he was not allowed to tweet things like this. James on the other hand, uttered that there was nothing wrong on the things he has done in twitter. Franco was heard saying that the twitter was only for things like this, he said that he thought that tweeting can be of any kind and people was allowed to pour out their hearts and feelings in it. Twitter which is very much known to the world for its social medial activities restricted itself from commenting on this hot issue. On the other hand, James Franco came into heavy criticism as he was found in the activity of live tweeting about the Oscar. He was actually the co-host of the grand function. This scene over the last week end has created a great amount of shock and pandemonium among the social network groups.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at Tambapress.com and Regular Contributor to Presspresser.com

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