Jazz Ison Sinkfield, Woman With 19 Feet Of Fingernails

Jazz Ison Sinkfield, Woman With 19 Feet Of Fingernails


Jazz Ison Sinkfield, a woman with a mega-manicure, is set to mak

e an appearance on “My

Strange Addiction.” She previously told local Atlanta news that she hoped her tips would land her an interview with Oprah, but apparently TLC will do.

You see, Sinkfield has been growing her fingernails for 22 years — the longest one is 24 inches and she has 19 feet of fingernails total. She tells the camera, “I just can’t stop loving my kids so how could I stop loving my nails

….They are a girl’s best friend. They are precious to the heart.”

Her husband has a different story, remarking, “Sometimes I think she gives her nails more attention than she gives me….She can’t tie her shoes. Sometimes I have to help her with her clothes. She’s very slow.”

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