Michelle Obama headed to London to attend Olympic Games

Michelle Obama headed to London to attend Olympic Games


First lady Michelle Obama, who is heading to London for the Olympics, discussed on Monday her memories of watching the Olympics on TV, saying she never believed she would one day attend the games.

“I am beyond proud to be leading the U.S. delegation to the opening ceremony of this year’s Olympic games, and during my visit, in addition to cheers for team USA, I’m going to have a chance to meet with our Olympic athletes and the folks who work in our embassy in London as well,” she said Monday on a conference call with the press.

“Leading our national delegation and traveling to London is truly a dream come true. If anybody had asked me when I was 10 or 11 or 20, or actually 40, whether I would be doing this, I would have bet not. Some of my fondest memories when I was young and not so young involved watching the Olympics on TV and cheering on team USA.”

Hoping to use the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire more kids to become active as part of her “Let’s Move!” initiative, the first lady said that being an Olympian is about much more than winning medals.

“Being an Olympian isn’t just about winning the gold or setting a new record. It’s really about pushing yourself. It’s about believing in yourself and refusing to give up, no matter what obstacles you might face,” she said.

“So I am very excited about this trip for so many reasons, but I’m excited that it will serve as a powerful opportunity to send another message to the kids in the country and other countries about the importance of staying fit, learning to compete, staying healthy, and that this isn’t just about sports, it’s about being active. So we are very excited and I wish all of the members of team USA the best of luck in these games.”

Before the call started, the first lady took a moment to reflect on the shooting tragedy in Colorado.

“Barack and I have seen people across this country come together as one American family to mourn the victims of this devastating event and to support their friends and family and loved ones,” she said. “I know we will continue that support in the difficult time ahead. I know that even as we enter the Olympics, this wonderful occasion, I know that we are holding people of Aurora in our hearts and in our prayers.”


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