Middle School Teacher Shaves the First Time after Bin Laden’s Death

Middle School Teacher Shaves the First Time after Bin Laden’s Death


Garry Weddle as middle school teacher in Ephrata, Washington thought that it would take 10 years before he shaves again. He even thought that he would never been for the rest of his life. The 50 year old teacher vowed 10 years ago that he will never shave his beard unless Osama bin Laden is captured or dead. Months and years goes on and he still he was hopeful. Until yesterday when he saw the news he was able to shave off his long beard. His wife says that he looks 10 years younger without it.

Monday morning the principal at Weddle’s Ephrata, Washington made a special announcement to honor the school teacher in front of the school saying:

“For 3,454 days Mr. Weddle kept his word, faithful and true. He endured ridicule, jokes and no doubt people telling him that his was a lost cause. On top of that he watched daily news reports that cast doubt whether Osama Bin Laden was even still alive, or if dead his body would never be recovered. In which case, to be true to his word Mr. Weddle would have to never shave again for the rest of his life. Mr. Weddle has taught us all an important lesson in faith, patriotism and endurance. Would any of us have put ourselves on the line in such a way? It is likely no one else in the entire world had taken such a vow.”

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