Millions Jobless Workers Without Health Insurance

Millions Jobless Workers Without Health Insurance


It’s never easy to move on after losing your job and this has been stressed out by the Commonwealth Biennial Health Insurance.

All this information was got from the survey which was carried out by that commission and in it were the full details regarding the after-life of a sacked person. It shows that someone can never live a happy life health wise after losing their job.

In this survey, the report that came out was conducted by more than three thousand people hence these statistics are so true.

It is believed that when the recession took place, more than 13’7 million folks lost their jobs. In line with this, their health coverage was also put to an end hence this clearly gives you a picture of how they are living nowadays.

The ones who tried to look out for affordable health coverage were instead charged high premium. This is a setback in the life of many folks out there who have no jobs. Most of the time it’s never easy landing on a good health plan that will suit your financial constraint and to worsen the matter, the coverage also comes with some harsh terms.

The only reason why many unemployed folks are finding it hard to cope up with their life is because of the high medical bills. The lucky fellows who have jobs find it easy to clear their bills in time yet the ones who are stuck they dread the day on which they were given birth. All in all, these people find it hard to pay off their medical bills with their small income and as time goes on, the bills keep piling up hence the end result is always shaming.

Still on this survey, it was realized that 24% of the working adults were sacked in the past years. Surely the unemployment level keeps on widening with time which signifies that less people have the capability of settling their medical bills.

In addition to the above point, a fraction of the folks who were sacked were only having access to the health coverage with the help of their former job. In the end, these folks have to rest at home and wait for the next move because they don’t have any capability of taking care of the health coverage yet it’s the job that was catering for that bill.

You will also find out that 57% of these folks were stripped off their insurance policy and 14% managed to opt for COBRA as the best means of managing their health insurance.

As I am concluding, I think it would be wise for the American government to come up with strategies that will address the rampant problem of health coverage.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

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