More customers exposed as big data breach grows

More customers exposed as big data breach grows


To the shock and amazement of many across the globe the details and the email ids of the employees of the citigroup of companies were hacked by some identified people. It has been clearly said that the reason behind this has not been yet identified by the security people.  On the other hand, it has been very clearly identified that the personal data of the college students have been traced and found out that it has not been used for any further complications. And the number of colleges that are involved in this issue rises to a total of five thousand and nine hundred which includes universities, colleges, schools and various educational institutions all across the country. None can deny the fact that this has created a great amount of chaos and confusion among the people of the country. It is very clearly said and done that the people whose data have been breached are under constant and terrible pressure. According to news agencies it is very clearly seen that the people whose personal electronic mail ids have been trapped have felt that they have lost all the hopes and also utter that they have no idea what exactly is going to take place.  The company whose name is said to be Epsilon has faced with a great amount of problems. According to an official person from Citigroup of companies it is very clearly identified that the companies which had a tie up with the company whose name is called ad epsilon was caught in this series of issues. He also added that epsilon has openly confessed that the personal details of the customers have been exposed. Many customers of the Citigroup feel that the thing should not have happened. Michael who is an employee of the constituent company of the Citigroup has very clearly uttered that his future is going to be a big question mark as the electronic mail of his contained high confidential matters and issues regarding both official and personal. To add more oil to the burning fire it has been found by various departments of the country that the banks of the country has been traced out. This has made the people of the country especially the employees of the Citigroup of companies to tremble. On the other hand, the banks have confirmed and assured that the names of the customers have not been hacked and also stated very clearly that there is never a need for chaos and pandemonium.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

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