New Technology – Touch Mouse by Microsoft

New Technology – Touch Mouse by Microsoft


The new century has made it way towards the global development of the Technology. New ideas, Creative innovations have been driven the world from the flame to the laser beam. In this rapidly growing new technology Microsoft has introduced a new input device. The name of it is the “Simply Touch Mouse”. But there is a slight problem with the Legal issue of this new device. Microsoft will have to deal with the court before the release of the device to the market.  This mouse is also known as the “Arc Touch Mouse” in the market.

The Arc Touch Mouse provides the hand rest as part of the device. This mouse uses BlueTrack technology from Microsoft. This technology has proven that the mouse works in many areas. Many of the computer users use the mouse with a mouse mat and a hand rest, to provide arc support for our wrest. The new device does this by a single touch. With a simple touch of your finger it arches with a soft area for your wrest. The Arc Touch Mouse has two normal positions. One is presented as a slide in which area of the buttons are slightly higher. The other one is the straight and curve as a normal mouse. There is a metal blade for the scroll section and they have implemented two buttons so the user can feel the clicks as usual. The two buttons take on the traditional behavior in a mouse click with left and right click.

The Arc Touch Mouse flexibility gives it the edge over the other devices and with its BlueTrack Technology you can use it on virtually on any kind of a surface. The power source for the Arc Touch Mouse would be two AAA batteries and these batteries will give out the users a minimum of six month of the battery life. There will be two-color battery life indicators to let the user know when the power is running low.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a low weight device. It got a high mobility when comparing with other devices. Exact size would be 130.6mm in length and 58mm in substantial. This new device could be handy for the laptop users and also for the Designers because of the high accurate movements it could track. Designers will not have to purchase any high equipped gadgets for high costs. This cost effective Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse will do the work for them.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

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