Obama on $4-Gallon Gas and Tax Giveaways

Obama on $4-Gallon Gas and Tax Giveaways


President Barack Obama calls to end the unwarranted taxpayers subsidies to oil and gas companies that the US government has been given. Such subsidies would amount to $4 billion per year. This is ironic when every American would have to shoulder a $4 per gallon of gasoline price and yet the government is still giving this huge oil companies this tax benefits. It does not matter who’s at fault here, the only concern we should have for now is how will the government resolve the problem. The president intends to end this situation and he claim that it’s not just right that this big oil companies are making huge profits and the people had to suffer at high cost. While the government is still making tax subsidies to them and Congress has to end this very soon.Statements were given during his Saturday radio and internet address.

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