Pilgrims joins Vatican for Pope John Paul II Beatification

Pilgrims joins Vatican for Pope John Paul II Beatification


In the picture faithful pilgrims holds images of Pope John Paul II before celebration of beatification mass to be lead by Pope Benedict XVI. Pilgrims from all over the world flock into Saint Peter Square to join in the celebration. The rite and celebration causes streets of Vatican to be packed with people. So far history will tell us that Pope John Paul II is the fastest pope to be beatified saint in just a matter of six months. Faithful catholics started asking for “Santo Subito” or “Sainthood Immediately” has been on as early as the Pope’s funeral on 2005.
Some pilgrims believed that he died a saint. 

While the catholic is celebrating this momentous event the victims of priests molestations felt wounded. It was during the time when the Pope was in charge when there was numerous priests abuses.

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