Search Engine Optimization Tips For Facebook Fan Page

Search Engine Optimization Tips For Facebook Fan Page


Facebook is the world most used social network available. There are billions of users in the network. This network could be used as a potential way to market your product or service. How this could be achieved? Creating a Facebook fan page could be used for this. These fan pages could be created free of charge. But the main problem arose in the promotion of the Fan page. How to do an effective Facebook fan page promotion? You can easily do a Search Engine Optimization for the fan page. This would be easy for the people to reach out to your newly created fan page and they will be aware of your market. Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be based traffic from the other search engines you get regularly. This article will help you to locate the easiest methods to get the SEO right in to your facebook Fan page.

There will be an “Info Tab” in your page. This could be the most critical part of your facebook fan page. “Info Tab” will include all the information about your page and it would be wise to use “metadata” about your page. You can add links or any keyword about your product in the “Info tab” section. This is because the social marketers are advised to use these fields for their links and phrases/keywords. This will help the users to locate your product easily.

Another way of creating an useful Search Engine Optimization for the fan page is to add videos for that. This will give out more score to your fan page when dealing with the SEO. YouTube could be used to achieve this goal. Any YouTube video will be easily searched in the search engines, especially in “Google”. You can freely upload your own video to YouTube or can easily search for a video in YouTube just post it in your profile. But mind to use only the relevant Videos which are appropriate for the fan page. Otherwise your score in the search engines might decrease. This could be use to attract more fans tour page. Because a good quality video is always better than a lengthy paragraph.

If you want to shine out from the rest of the pages you have to be innovative. Use new ideas for your facebook fan page. Create an attractive fan page. Give a fair reason for the users to visit your fan page twice, not once. This SEO could be the first step of your successful career. Hence that be wise and target the audience you need. Then handle the SEO for your own benefit.

These are some of the major factors for a good promotion of a facebook fan page.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

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