Shares of RIM dips as PlayBook gets only moderate reviews

Shares of RIM dips as PlayBook gets only moderate reviews


By: Drew Chung | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

Last Thursday, RIM or Research in Motion suffered a setback in trading as it only managed to obtain initial reviews with moderate as the top for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The lackluster reviews for the tablet were due to its incomplete look in the eyes of the critics. As a whole, they showed approval on the user interface of this PlayBook with screen display of 7 inches.

As a result, the shares of RIM dropped greater than 3% during the majority of the exchange last Thursday. The firm observed minimal stock recovery with a conclusion of 1.7% lesser at a value of $53.92. With a cost beginning at a value of $499, the 16GB PlayBook is set to be launched on April 19, 2011, Tuesday.

The firm began discussing about the PlayBook as early as November 2010 for the purpose of gaining attraction and interest from the public. Stockholders are optimistic that this tablet could strengthen the firm’s hold on the company industry even as iPads begin getting into it.

Nevertheless, the critics’ evaluations show that this widely anticipated device would become the Ishtar of RIM. Some of the reviews include no 3G with no tethering, insufficient application, incomplete software and corporate look.

Walt Mossberg mentioned in the Wall Street Journal that the user interface of PlayBook can be considered as “good-looking and fast.” On the other hand, Mossberg criticized the device’s “strange system” which needs to be connected to a BlacBerry with the use of an application named BlackBerry Bridge. With that, PlayBook will gain 3G service.

Another critic named David Pogue, wrote in New York Times that PlayBook has insufficient internal applications such as e-mail, address book, calendar and BlackBerry Messenger. Furthermore, it has to be tied up with a BlackBerry to make use of these apps. According to RIM, the internal applications are set to arrive by summer time.

From Engadget, Tim Stevens said that RIM has been cramming at present to complete its software. In addition to that, he stated that PlayBook is an amazing gadget that is still needed to be furnished.

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