Sluggish job growth remains rule in Mississippi

Sluggish job growth remains rule in Mississippi


The unemployment is known to every little child of the world as the world faced a lot of big complications in the field of jobs. The country is reviving itself from the worst economic crisis since the great recession which took place eighty years ago; it is slowly making all ends to meet in the process of increasing the job growth. All the departments of the government have been advised by the president, to concentrate on this matter and issue seriously and give importance to things related to job growth. On the other hand, the white house is carrying out a promotional program on this aspect to create jobs through innovational ideas and implementation. Mississippi witnessed a hike in the ratio of unemployment last month in spite of all the precautious measures taken by the government. The department of employment secretary has very clearly pointed out that Mississippi had a 1.3 percent rise in the job growth when compared with the last year’s February. It saw a hike of13,000 jobs in a period of twelve months. The growth in the jobs in this one year has taken place in a large amount in the private sector. On the other hand, the public sector which is otherwise called as the government sector has cut down some nearly five thousand and one hundred jobs in this year alone which shows the very signs of negativity to the core. Darrin Webb who is the State Economist has uttered that the cut in the government sector jobs is because of the financial problems that are prevailing between the local governments. He also says that the government is taking all necessary steps to eradicate the trend of the concept of unemployment. He continued to say the openings in the private sectors are the positive signs of recovery from the financial recession by all means. It is very much said and done that the jobs in Mississippi will take its course from a different angle and at a different pace without any complications. To be more specific, the manufacturing sector leads the way by recruiting two thousand and six hundred jobs while the construction jobs comes second in recruiting with and amount of two thousand and four hundred jobs. While on the other hand, the goods producing sector has added another eight hundred jobs in this year alone, which is a very positive note.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

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