South Yemen Protests Left 3 Dead Bodies

South Yemen Protests Left 3 Dead Bodies


Angry protesters are marching along the main streets of South Yemen cities. They have barricaded and blocked roads leading to school s and government offices with burning tires. The protests has been on for the ousting of Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleah and to end his rule once and for all. The problem is this seemingly peaceful demonstration has lead into bloodshed when it left 3 dead bodies. One protester was shot dead and a few are in critical condition. While two police officers were reported dead buy gun wounds.

This only indicates that among the protesters are armed men believed to be members of a separatist group who is trying to take advantage of this civil outcry. When asked about the incident civil activists denied cooperation with the gun men who exchange shots with the police during the protest. Even at the moment gun shots can be heard around the city.


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