Stephen Baldwin: ‘Scientology Is Much More Accepted In Hollywood Than Jesus’

Stephen Baldwin: ‘Scientology Is Much More Accepted In Hollywood Than Jesus’


Stephen Baldwin has been very outspoken about his faith, something he says has without doubt cost him many acting roles.

“When you talk about subjects like abortions and rape, you are hitting hot buttons,” Baldwin said. “It’s challenging people to ask themselves, what would you do in a certain situation? I’ve run my mouth pretty good about my beliefs. I can’t say if someone murdered my family members, I wouldn’t seek revenge.”

A self-confessed “Jesus freak,” Baldwin says his life changed forever after he decided to live it in a way he believes to be consistent with the Bible’s teachings, even though he argues Hollywood has punished him for being so vocal.

“Scientology is much more accepted in Hollywood than Jesus,” he tells me. “If you just look at Tom Cruise’s career against Kirk Cameron, you can see it. Piers Morgan is a punk setting Kirk up with that question. No one ever asks Tom Cruise questions like that.”

Baldwin says that he doesn’t change his views when he’s around his family and jokes that they all tell him to shut up until one of them has a problem, and then they are the first to ask him to pray.

Fittingly, Baldwin new film “Loving The Bad Man,” which is available now on DVD, explores themes of spirituality.


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