Teaching about social media part of practice

Teaching about social media part of practice


According to the American Academy of pediatrics the pediatricians can play a major role in helping the teens and the children to understand the perils of the social media which can include sexting and cybebullying and to navigate around them. The report from the American Academy of pediatrics noted that the pediatrician must educate and must provide insight to the parents and patients about the use of the social media and must help the families who are facing the issues like status and social anxiety, depression, sexual development, bullying, depression and risk taking. Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe the MD and the colleagues of the council on communication and media academy has outlined the easy to the health care profession to help the families to navigate the social media landscape through writing in pediatrics. They must advice the parents to maintain an open communication about the online use of their child and also the dangers and the possibilities which are associated with it. They must ask the parents to be educated about the current technologies which are used by their children. Rather than relying on remote monitoring or other net programs they must supervise their children while they are online. They must maintain a healthy citizenship with the child and for which they should establish a family online use plan, participate in an online world and must provide some privacy settings.
The report of the American Academy of pediatric recommends that the pediatricians must be able t provide well informed guidance on social media related issues that may come up and for that they must keep current on programs and on digital technologies and other digital applications which can be used by the kids and the families. O’Keeffe and the co authors have listed a number of drawbacks and benefits to the social media in the development of the child. They have listed the following as the benefits of the social media. There are some opportunities for volunteering, community engagement and fund raising. There are some chances for the development of creativity for a group or an individual. People can share their ideas through various forums, video sites, blogs and gaming. They can network by sharing the interested sites. People can be able to communicate with others who may be from diverse backgrounds. The social media helps in fostering the growth of an individual identity.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at Tambapress.com and Regular Contributor to Presspresser.com

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