The New Royal Family

The New Royal Family

The English Royals have, for the past few centuries, gone hand in hand with being snooty, stuck up and oh so posh, but with the offspring of the down-to-earth People’s Princess (Princess Diana/Lady Di/Diana Spencer) coming of age and getting married, it seems the worldwide perception of the Royals may be about to drastically change.

If the Royal Wedding of William and Kate on April 29th 2011 is anything to go by, the People’s Princess has genuinely given birth to the People’s Prince, and by golly, we the people were certainly jubilant about our Prince getting his girl!

Over one million people of all nationalities, races, ages and religions lined the streets of London to celebrate their Big Day, and an estimated 2 billion people tuned in around the world.

Kate was elegant in her full length Alexander McQueen dress, and subtle symbology emanated throughout the proceedings, but perhaps the most entertaining element of the day was the consistent laid back attitude that radiated around Princes William and Harry.

When the music started inside Westminster Abbey and the Bride arrived in all her beauty at the Cathedral doors, Prince Harry couldn’t resist giggling and narrating her journey down the isle to her Husband, in turn making all of England laugh raucously at the Prince’s wonderful sense of humor.

If we thought that was a one off occasion we were certainly wrong, as William proceeded to crack a joke to his Father-in-law at the altar (‘This was supposed to be a small family affair!’) and Maid of Honor Pippa Middleton began sharing numerous hilarious jokes with Harry throughout the day.

Then, throughout the service William and Kate struggled to stem their laughter when the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was officiating, announced in a very ‘doom and gloom’ voice that ‘YOU HAVE MADE YOUR CHOICE’, demonstrating once again that this ‘Royal’ couple really are just like you and me.

The happy couple drove themselves out of Buckingham palace later in an open top Aston Martin, decorated in ribbons with balloons trailing behind, a Learner sign on the front and a ‘Just Wed’ number plate on the back, mirroring the tradition of ‘normal’ people nationwide.

Perhaps the Prince really is a down-to-earth man after all, and what a wonderful notion that is! Imagine, the future King of England actually understanding his people not because he’s been ‘educated’ about us, but because he actually IS one of us!

And if that wasn’t proof enough that the future King and Queen are real people and the youthful Royals are actually just like us, their final celebration was to kick the ‘oldies’ out of the Palace and transform it into a nightclub, with bacon sandwiches on the menu no less!

Fit for a King? Apparently so! The Royal Family of the Future has FINALLY arrived, and the world LOVES them!