The Royal Newlyweds will have a Surprise Honeymoon

The Royal Newlyweds will have a Surprise Honeymoon


After the royal wedding the new royal couple has yet another surprise for everyone. The couple announced that after the wedding they will be back to their normal routines and postpone their honeymoon scheduled very soon. This is yet again another strategy of Price William to keep them away from the press. This royalty is known for evading the press, but the family is ready to take legal actions to any company who will evade their privacy.

There are a lot of speculations to where the couple are heading. They could spend their honeymoon in Africa where Prince William proposed to Kate. A secluded and private Island in Caribbean could be another choice. Nobody really knows where and when except the couple. But one thing is for sure, price William told the press that he will go back to his day job as helicopter pilot at RAF.


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