Tips College Dating

Tips College Dating


If you have been reaping negative results in your relationships then the blame should be put on the techniques you use to lure the opposite sexing this article, I will give you the best guidelines that will put you on the right track to be successful in your college dating game.

The first and most important factor that will help you out in your college dating game is by opting for your classmates. If you settle for your fellow mates, it will be easy to get to know more about them. The conversations will always flow due to the fact that the both of you know each other perfectly well. Your class has to be the first place to look into if you want to have a wonderful college dating game.

One thing that really hinders college relationships is drama. It can be brought about by your fellow friends who might be jealous because of your intimate relationship. The only way you can avoid drama is by staying away from the source of the drama. This means you will have to put an end to your hanging out inside the premises of your school. This will help you to go to distant places with your loved one and the both of you will get to know each other better without any drama cropping up.

If you have been planning on having more than one relationship then be ready to lose out. The first thing that will fall apart is your reputation and secondly, you will have to be caught by all your loved ones that will be residing inside the same campus.

Your dorm mates have to keep as friends hence you are not to date them. This is because you can never get over someone you keep on seeing. You will only hurt yourself with that partner because of the rumors that will crop up.

I want you to put in mind that it is never a wise choice to go for private dates with someone you have just seen. You can never know what they will do and the other thing is to keep away from professors. Give distance to all your friend’s exes because if you make a move on any of them, it will be the end of your friendship. It’s always nice if you date someone who won’t cost you anything and for this reason, opt for the best choice.

The above tips will be so crucial in your dating game at college hence putting them into consideration is the only way you will be victorious. All will be well in your relationships for as long as you are hanging out with the right people.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at and Regular Contributor to

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