Twitter comes across another obstacle

Twitter comes across another obstacle


Twitter displayed an older version of the social networking website that made the customers to experience service disruptions and became completely in accessible to many others.

It was shocking for many when a message on the web page of Twitter popped up, stating that the current version of the twitter has been temporarily disabled. It also stated that the work of re enabling it is under process. Twitter has become a popular communication service among celebrities, businesses and protesters in the Middle East. It allows the users to send short text messages of about 140 characters to their group of followers. There are more than 200 million registered accounts in twitter all across the globe.

Twitter announced that it had moved its infrastructure to a new home at an undisclosed location last month. The company said that the new location will allow it to stay constantly and provide greater reliability. A custom built datacenter in Utah which was called as the house gear of the Twitter has been plagued with complications. The Twitter has moved most of the operations of the site to a facility in Sacramento, California due to that problem. The disruption was due to the reason that some people were using the version of the twitter site that preceded a redesign which was unveiled in the month of September. The disruption also states that other twitter users were unable to log on at all as they were greeted with a page which informs that something is technically wrong. On the other hand, the users were informed that the site also promises them to have things back to normalcy soon. The spokeswoman of Twitter said that the company had no details to provide beyond the statements on the special technical status web page of the twitter.

Very recently it was identified that after threatening to leave the city for suburbs, Twitter is well on its way to get a tax break in SanFransisco. The board of supervisors of San Francisco voted to approve preliminarily a tax break which allows the twitter to avoid tens of million of dollars in taxes.  By next week a second vote is expected for sure. If that is implemented it would make the legislation official. Due to financial complications Twitter is said to have moved out of San Francisco. In a very recent interview, twitter has complained about the payroll tax of the city which makes the company today to pay an equivalent compensation of 1.5 percent for all employees.


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