U.S and Europe converging on Internet privacy

U.S and Europe converging on Internet privacy


There are more than 700 million internet users between the United States and Europe who have diverged in their approach to policing the web. There are some topics which are more sensitive to the web users or they can raise concerns in the sites like Google or facebook than how to regulate privacy. The two sides in their web privacy positions have been converging but by partly through some intensive meeting in recent months and the meetings were between the regulators from Brussels and Washington. There are some specifics which are to be worked out still. The final legislative proposals are expected from the United States in the months of June or July and from the European Union during later this year. The official is confident enough to narrow the gap steadily. Viviane Reding the justice commissioner of EU said that till now there was a common belief that there is some difference in the approaches on privacy and it will be difficult to work together and this can’t be argued for long time. Last week there was a gathering of experts from both the sides. The thoughts of the Reding have been mirrored by the U.S ambassador to the EU, William Kennard after the meet. He said that the difference between the two sides had been overstated.
William Kennard said that the people in Europe have thought that the officials are not as concerned as they are updating the privacy laws. U.S has made its support of the strong privacy rules now. To deliver the strict measures and to protect the individuals the crux of the issue must come down. The United States has tended to prefer providing the responsibility for policing themselves to the companies but with the obligation to sign up the codes of conduct and also not to meet specific legislation. The regulators on both the sides said that by following the endorsement of the U.S president Barack Obama for this month of privacy bill of right they have moved closer to a common position. An U.S administration had backed new baseline privacy protection and the officials hailed that as the first time in 40 years. There is a two main concept in the goal of convergence that is to level playing field that minimizes the regulatory arbitrage and to ensure that the web based companies have clear guidelines.

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