UF ranks 9th on list of top social media colleges

UF ranks 9th on list of top social media colleges


The UF has planned to follow the suit because the students are flocking to social networking sites like the twitter and the Facebook. This effort makes the university to be in the rank of 9 in first list of the top 100 social media colleges which was announced by the studentadvisor.com. The ranking was based in the effectiveness and the quantity of the interactions of the student of UF on facebook, twitter and other social media networks and the group compiled the ranking based on these factors. Steve Orlando the spokesman of UF said that it is absolutely critical to reach the people who want to reach the most by having the sting of social media presence. She also said that this is the way through which the students communicate and this is the way through which they can get their information. The amount of data and news available on social networking sites is seemingly limitless for the students of UF. According to the Wed Administrative website of UF there are 82 official facebook pages for the university, 12 you tube channels and there are 52 twitter accounts. Dean Tsouvalas, the editor in chief of the studentadvisor.com utters that the college engages in the social media in the incredibly diverse ways and it is the most surprising findings based on the results of the study.
The “University of Florida” facebook page is the most popular of these at the UF and it has more than 200,000 fans and it ranks sixth nationally among the colleges. Orlando said that the university concerns more than just the sheer number of viewers. Bruce Floyd, the lead social media and web manager at UF said that they have to find out the interest of the audience, engage them and provide some of that info related to their interest. If they do some post information then it will become hollow and they must be queried as they can discuss and talk about it. Among others Floyd handles the main UF accounts in Facebook and Twitter. Full control of the facebook page is given to him in the fall of 2009. He bought it from the fall to 20,000 followers to the bastion of information it is providing. He said that some times they are at the first point of contact with a lot of people who are interested in the university and it is virtual open of the door. He and Orlando agreed that the social media outlets of UF are providing useful information at the right time.

By: Teni Sow | Senior Editor at Tambapress.com and Regular Contributor to Presspresser.com

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