Unbelievable Folded Art Technique by Simon Schubert

Unbelievable Folded Art Technique by Simon Schubert


A new art technique is being introduced to us by a German artists who uses a piece of paper and his bare hand to create unbelievable masterpieces. The picture we have here is a stunning interior designed captured by the artist’s new found techniques. Schubert admits that it took him more than two years to perfect his art. He is able to capture the shade and light into his masterpieces without using any pencil or paint. The challenge is he says is that he often have to convince people on how he did the art work, but upon examination people believe that this is all folded paper. His works are being displayed at Upstairs Gallery in Berlin. His works are averaging at 3, 800 British pounds each and it took him two weeks to a month to complete each piece.


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