US jobs becoming more safer

US jobs becoming more safer


The U.S. private sector has created 2,01,000 jobs in the month of March, the Automatic Data Processing (ADP) announced today, which also mentioned that this increase underscores the positive evolution of employment in this country. These figures “eliminate any doubt about the accelerated growth in employment in 2011,” ADP said, adding that the increase in job creation in the U.S. private sector is in line with the provisions of the Labor Department.The United States Government, through the statistical office, broadcasted on Friday, the official figures for job creation in March, which also included those generated by the public sector. It also said that it has revised downward the number of new jobs created in February, which was announced at 217,000, but whose final figure of 208,000.ADP also noted that the average monthly increase in employment in the United States in the last four months (from December to March) was 211,000, a figure which is in line with the gradual decline in unemployment. ”

“This figure shows that it has almost tripled the average of the months of August to November .According to these data, the services sector was responsible for 164,000 new jobs last month, which is now fifteen consecutive months of net job creation, while the manufacturing sector generated 37,000 jobs and chained and five months growth in the workforce.For its part, the manufacturing sector created 37,000 new jobs in February, representing the sixth consecutive month of increases.In March, the large enterprises (500 or more workers) created 17,000 net jobs, while medium-sized (50 to 500 employees) accounted for 82,000 and small (less than 50 workers) 102,000.In the construction sector, which along with finance has been one of the biggest flop during the crisis last month destroyed 5,000 jobs, which led this sector to have an accumulated net loss of 2,126,000 jobs since its peak in January 2007.

For its part, the financial sector in March created 4,000 jobs, according to ADP. The same firm said that the cuts in March are 39% lower than those recorded on the same date in 2010.Despite the declines over the previous year, it is difficult to be optimistic about the prospects of public employees said executive vice president of the consultant, Rick Cobb.He added: “The good news is that in other areas the economy appear to have stabilized” and that there have been fewer layoffs in some key sectors such as pharmaceuticals, automotive and telecommunications

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