Will the GOP’s 2012 budget have soft corner for education priorities

Will the GOP’s 2012 budget have soft corner for education priorities


The Republican –led house committee commented on the budget proposals and the major plans for education in the 2012 budget proposal by releasing a voucher program in Washington D.C public Schools.  The public school district budgets are being slashed and there is highly contentious national debate about any school which might fails to fail in line.

Rep. Paul Ryan the chairman of the committee is expected to head the budget proposal. He deals with the education reforms in a short section entitled “Preparing the workforce for a 21st century economy” and calls it as “ the path of prosperity : restoring promise of the America”. The first and foremost major proposal is to ensure that the aid is targeted to the truly needy children. The second major proposal is to restore funds for the D.C opportunity Scholarship program which gives thousands of elementary school students in Washington D.C the opportunity to face the future in a more successful way. This proposal is to build a model of success for improving education nationwide and make chances for better education. The third main proposal is to improve access to career development assistance and to strengthen the first run on the ladder out of poverty by consolidating dozens of overlapping job training programs into more accountable carrier scholarships.

Every college increases its tuition fee as a way to squeeze more money out of the federal government. The federal government seems to hand out the cash with just checking the financial status of the applicant. The debate about whether the colleges raise their tuition fee just to soak up more federal financial aid is going on for long time. Patrick M.Callan the president of National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education said that there is no evidence or tested grants for the major factors in the tuition.

Patrick very clearly states that the schools had indeed raised tuition fee in tandem with the increase by Pell Grans in the same year when the grant level has not been raised by the congress. In addition to this he also said that there will not be a big tuition fee increase. The problem had ever been on the rise since January of this year as the date for concluding the budget session is nearing. It is expected very clearly from various sources that the budget battle in Washington is most likely to shutdown the government.

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